Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Expectations.

Great Expectations - Gaslight Anthem

Sometimes songs are simply songs and this one is amazing! 

EGO's are bad things. Great Expectations are not. Why shouldn't you set the bar high for yourself? I've seen people say they are gonna do it and most definitely they do. I do too. The path is hard but it will pay off later. The truth being there's damage in having no goals for oneself. Don't wait to take your life in your own hands and do something about it. Stop waiting. Reality: Good chance no one else is going to offer you a hand, and you will need to find a way up the hill on your own. I know that lesson. Imagined or not, you grasp for a something that isn't really there YOU WILL FALL. Got the bruises to show for it. 

EGO's... we all need to remember one thing: not everything is about "ME." Go on and tell yourself that each and everyday. Another thing that I do. Reality: IT IS NOT about the inner "me!" Things are so much bigger than a one woman or one man show. We all can lose focus. I recently let things get cloudy cause I forgot to check myself somewhere down the line. The result was a lot of unfocused energy that wasn't productive at all. 

Mistakes aside... you know what I'll still keep me. The person you need to forgive and take care first is yourself. How? Find a humble place for yourself, live within your means or work for more, even if you're a rich man, a comfortable man, or a pauper. 

And honey's adventure is in your backyard if you can't get away to see it all just yet. PROMISE! Got an honorary degree in the poor man's experiences. Don't give up on seeing it all if that's what you truly wanted. That day will come. Until then use your imagination. Every town has a different dynamic. One corner may offer up more exotic than you remembered. Take a look around. And remember everyday is a new opportunity to do one thing different. What will you do? Me: Today I'm keeping my EGO in check where it needs to be. And keeping it there. kisses. m.

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