Friday, March 5, 2010

Call Girl.

Call Girl.

Hey daddy, you’re on the line with Sugar Sinclair. What can I do for you tonight? By the way the charge will be for a minimum 30 minutes. Alright. Baby you better be ready for Sugar. So where you calling from? Ok. You don’t have to say. What kind of work do you do? Traffic cop. A man in uniform. I’m a very naughty girl who never misses a chance to violate the laws of traffic. What ya gonna do about it? Take out your night stick. Then what? Whistle. Well you can wet your whistle in my mouth honey. Uh-huh baby. The biggest! Love doing that. Blowing the whistle right now. How loud is your whistle anyhow? Ooh the loudest. That’s just how I like them. Where are your hands now? Yes. Keep them right there. Uh-huh. HOLD ON HONEY! 

Trina! Girl. Yeah its good. I’m on a call. Let me hit you back in a little while. I gotta take this. Will is messing around with Carol! Not on Michelle. Look, I got to hang up now. Working. Miss Yvonne Sunday does not take a day off cause the lord never took one either. Girl, what do you mean ‘what do I talk about’? You know hips, lips, thighs and size. Tongues in boxes or on the side. Hands grabbing, touching, rubbing. Honey, I don’t care. It’s their dollar for my conversation. So they give it a dirty yank while I’m talking. For $3.95 a minute with a half hour minimum, I can handle it. Later Sweetie.

So baby, where were we? You wanna jab me with your night stick… oh, you’re finished already? Did you want to have another go? Well baby, you know the scene. It’ll cost you either way. Alright baby. Don’t forget… Call me.

Phone sex operator. I couldn’t resist. May use this in a larger scale at a later time. Like the idea. It seemed very cheeky, so of course I went there. I’ve got quite a few more of these left. Enjoy? kisses, m.

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