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Saturday, August 23, 2014

A kiss...

Can be deadly if you mean it!

Some dolls kiss other dolls...

But this doll kisses Kens!

Some moments are brief but you enjoy them best you can... While this doll loves kisses, she keeps her full affection for a Ken she hasn't met yet perhaps or maybe had the pleasure of knowing fully yet? You never know what the future brings... Just enjoy the moments!

Here's a 400 about a moment between kisses. Do you kiss dolls or Ken's?

Kisses, m.

Brief Encounter


The sheets are gathered around her waist as she lies quietly. I watch the air constrict and release from her body while she slumbers next to me. I can hardly believe we were complete strangers with nothing more than a common glance less than three hours ago.

A glance.

Passing on the street.

It wasn’t as though time stopped.

It wasn’t that at all.

It was as if time were no longer a relevant constant in the world.

They say that in a look a world can be built and shattered all at once.

You can see your past, present and future in someone’s eyes and know.

And from the moment her eyes met mine I knew the connection was more powerful than could be imagined.

And I had to…

I just had to…

Meet her.

There may have been words when we spoke but I’m uncertain if there were many. I know she agreed and nodded to come with me without hesitation. I wrapped my hands around her and she let hers fall around mine. We’re walking together but not quick enough. The intensity is growing between us and I stop her in the street to take hold of her. Gently I stare into her eyes and let my breath hit her face until it’s irresistible to hold back any longer.

Grasping hands

Make amends.

Touching faces

Seek hidden places

To explore the unknown.

Before the unknown can begin there’s the need to protect our best interests. My fumbling hands can’t seem to manage the seal when she gently lends hers to guide the way. With quickness we’re back in each others eyes, falling into the rhythm that knows nothing of words. Heartbeats make music of our slow union. As our passion climbs and fades she falls away from me. When she’s far I’m filled with an aching of longing and release. Her eyes need only to say “more” without words and I’m tumbling back in and taking her with me once again. Its complete confusion between our two bodies as the moment continues to take hold.

We’ve known each other less than three hours and it’s a lifetime within a life. As she turns her head both eyes open to match and look into mine. I’m lost in another world once more with our combined stare.

No moment will last forever. But at this moment now is forever.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dream Roomspiration: Provocative Art

There's no shame in the human body! Put it on display! 

Dream Roomspiration: Provocative Art

Would you decorate your home with Provocative Art?

Barbie knows you would!
Kisses, m.

Monday, April 7, 2014

All tied up! Get untied! Dream Roomspiration: The Corset

All tied up dolls! Get untied with a little help from your favorite Ken & then decorate with that inspiration! 

Would you get dolled up in and then decorate with a corset?

Barbie would!

Kisses, m.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dream Roomspiration: Sexy Time Bedrooms for the Provocative Bachelor

There's nothing sexier than a man that has provocative taste in his bedroom style! 

Dream Roomspiration: Sexy Time Bedrooms for the Provocative Bachelor 

Barbie loves what Ken has done with his space! In fact she can't help but gush over his great eye & provocative use of modern design. 

So Dolls once in a while take a step back & let your Ken decorate! He's sure to come up with some great sexy ideas for his bedroom!

Would you let your Ken take charge?

Barbie thinks you should!
Kisses, m.