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Friday, December 26, 2014


Ah my prince leaves me love notes! haha. not really... they don't often do that anymore do they?  

Love, love, love... there's a lot of talk about it lately. I've witnessed a few friends break-ups very up close and personal. I've heard a few people call others cowards for not risking everything to be in it or maintain it. Being single myself and experiencing awkwardness in the past, ah well, my take is still this... You can't force men to be in love with you and you can't control what they do. And they aren't cowards for not being in love with you or not being ready to be in love with a woman. They are brave men for knowing that they are not ready for love, because to use a woman instead of love her is a bigger tragedy and hurtful. But you can make people smile once in a while. With that said I'll say this: I've made a few guys I know blush, smile and irritated enough to avoid me, over the last few weeks. Wonderful, right!? Maybe not. Why? Love notes... Yes, I suppose its a newer series. I haven't a clue what to do with them yet. 

So it all started a few weeks back when I hurt my shoulder, back and chest and ended up on bed rest. After reading a few pieces from a book by Tyler Knott and re-reading the "love letter to my future love" it occurred to me that there aren't many love notes out there from women to men in the modern time. And I thought it might brighten a man's day to get a note because just reading one of Tyler's notes makes me simply swoon and smile all day just thinking of how sweet it is. I don't know what to say except... yes the notes were/are inspired. So to anyone please please don't be mad at me for being inspired by you. It is a complement. So... Anyhow I hope you enjoy the notes. 

Here's an older story about overthinking things... 

kisses, m.


Logic? I ask you to… and you dare to tell me of logic. This is your answer? We are walking beneath a billion stars tonight and there’s nothing rational about what I’m asking you. I want your reaction not your thought. Think of all the people out there in this world thinking instead of reacting. All of them under control and tightly wrapped. Quite frankly where’s the fun in all that control?

Don’t answer me. Listen.

Logic. It’s a funny thing. Will make your head go against everything your heart wants. And you know what you’ll hate yourself for listening to it.

For instance take a look at that couple in that front window enjoying a candlelit dinner. They’re talking about something. About to enjoy the moment with a kiss. Wait. Take another look. The woman is slapping the man instead of enjoying his kiss. That’s logic. She’s afraid to go with the moment. And look not a moment later… there he is still holding her hand. Comforting her. Reminding her that he still loves her even though she’s afraid. She’s spurned him and he goes back in again. It’s certainly not logic. That’s insanity.

What is that? Well it’s entirely up to you. Most of the time I’m pretty sure it’s doubt. That little voice in the back of your head telling you “WAIT” when you know it’s the right time. Whenever you hear doubt in the back your mind, don’t listen to it. You know what I say? Be unreasonable. Follow your heart. It may be insane, but it’s the one thing that you won’t regret fifty years later.

So right now, beneath these billions of stars, across from that illogical couple, tell me...

Only this time, don’t think about it. No logic.

Will you runaway with me?