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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Two Goood

Let's try this again. There are many ways to see the world. You can make everything about you or you can see & accept it just the way it actually is... Nothing is about you. What people do & say is about them. Not you or me. It's fun to sit back and let people act out though. 

So let me ask you: what's going good? Forget the other people or what they think. What makes you feel good to do? You should be doing that. 

I love to look to things such as design, drawing, photography, writing and artwork to make me feel good. Sometimes it's volunteering, reading, doing yoga, meditating, being outdoors or at the gym. All of it validates my feeling good.

Lately yes, I'm blonde & fixating on Mr. Nagel's work. Looking for the different colored hair pieces I've yet to see.  Why? Identifying with the Nagel women because of their simplicity & strength inspires me. So yes I've found two examples of Nagels work. One I've seen but the other precedes it. They're both amazing & goes to show two different ways of seeing things.

Seeing negative is a choice. When you want to see positive that's all you'll see. Try doing something that makes you feel good about yourself. You'll forget about what the others are thinking. They don't matter anyways. 

PS: Thanks for the supportive emails, dolls! I'm glad you were touched by my words. Kisses! 

Here's an older one about seeing things differently. I'll share new soon. 

Kisses, m.


“Good. Is that what the sign says? Come now, young man be a love and tell me.”

“Ma’am, that’s exactly what it says. Good. Well what do you think about that?”

“Good is what I tell George when he says that he understands. He’ll be sitting there on the porch swing listening to me talk about nothing. Sure enough whenever I finish a bit of gossip that man, bless his heart, he tells me I see. Most of the time my yarn is a matter of complete nonsense that he simply does not want to hear, but he’ll listen and nod my way. So clearly I can see the tilt of his head and a smirk upon his mouth in my mind right now. And funny but that’s the first thing I think of. And you, what do you find yourself thinking?”

“Something about the sign reminds me of when I was a small boy. My mother used to have me wash the laundry and hang it on the line. Whenever I was standing up on the patio chair, she would say “good” while I hung. For some reason that’s what my mind conjures from memory. And it wasn’t always good. In fact those days weren’t perfect when I remember them. Often my tiny hands would fumble. Fingers would find themselves dropping the close pins over and over. Sometimes I would even drop a sheet or two into the mud. Soiled and my mother continued to smile and nod. No matter if I soiled the sheets, she would always tell me the same thing, 'Good.'”

“Well, you know what they say?
“No. What is that?”
“There’s nothing better than a good sign.”
“And that’s a good one?”
“You know what I can’t think of any sign better than that.”

Friday, July 1, 2016

Be true

"To thine own self be true."

Polonius tells Hamlet this. I can't help think this is hardest for people to figure out. What's true to themselves? Well copying others won't help you figure it out if you're not doing it with the right intention. Yup I just said copying others is ok. Well how else are you going to know what you like unless you try what others like? Exactly. 

So right now, I'm a blonde. Sometimes I wish Mr Nagel had made more women with different shades of hair colors because I identify with their strength and beauty. But he did not. I still find all his women beautiful because they are all races and strong. So my hair? At one point I imagine I was enamored by a blonde friend's hair and thought: I'm going to try that. And now of course you realize I love changing my hair to all sorts of shades. It's not the first time I've been blonde or likely the last time. 

It doesn't change my inner beauty nor should it change yours to modify your exterior. There's no types in life, friendship or love. Be yourself and others who appreciate you will find you. Maybe they're trying out your interests and will move on? Maybe they stay? Who knows! Personally I've learned that I don't have types when it comes to friends or paramours and I'm always interested in getting to know who a person is not what they are. I don't like labels because they cause unnecessary separation among people. Life is amazing when you're open & grateful to all the experience that it has to offer. 

My experience tells me that people that know themselves are comfortable with all types of people. And the universe will always guide those types to my path. Do I worry about my favorite dolls or Kens? I'm confident they are exactly in the position on their paths that the universe intends for them.

Here's an older story about being true to yourself & knowing what you want.

Kisses, m.




Dylan Montgomery never got what he wanted in life. This was mostly because he didn’t know how to get it. Always afraid of what might happen if he were to be denied so he never asked. Dylan wasn’t a bad looking fellow; in fact most women would find him attractive and quite charming. He had always been sweet and pleasant. But Dylan often found himself overlooked. Because there are men who go after what they want with a fervent desire rather than stand aside in fear, and he wasn’t one of them.

Until he met her.


The introduction was quite brief but his attraction to her couldn’t be missed. The new friend of an old friend that insisted her hand forward and tried to get him to talk. Instantly he could feel her attraction for him and felt himself step back inside. Dylan had never been shy or what some might call introverted but he couldn’t help catching his own tongue when he they met. It sounded like a dream when she said his name. In response he couldn’t help but say hers. She’d smiled back widely when he said her name, May.

Although he didn’t know why she picked him, Dylan knew from the first time he laid eyes on her that she could give him what he wanted. She was exactly the kind of girl that would do it. A little bit of sweet with a lot of daring. If only he could bring himself to ask her to…

“Spank me!” His screams beg for it as the leather strap cracks before laying into his bare ass. “Darling, give it to me. I need to be punished. SPANK ME!”

Dylan wasn’t like the other boys growing up. He hadn’t any desire to misbehave. Only a desire for what came after the trouble. The reprimand. The harsh swift paddle against his bare skin meant business and he couldn’t resist. This urge developed into an insistent predilection. But whenever it came time in a relationship to tell a woman what he wanted he shied away from the very notion and walked the other way. Except when it came to May.

May wasn’t persistent like other women he’d pursued, but she always made sure that Dylan knew of her complete adoration at every chance. It was often a mere touch of the arm, a wink or a smile but he knew that she would do whatever he wanted if only he could bring himself to ask it. Dylan could only think of the others who spurned and rejected his vulnerabilities before he could ever let them in. And he always let them leave.

For weeks Dylan avoided her direct gaze in their common haunts. Embarrassed by what he secretly wanted in private. Amidst a sea of their closest friends he would find himself staring at May through the cracks and nooks but unable to face her. The very thought of what he wanted from her tormented him inside. Between two friends or more he would not allow for their closeness or flirtation. Often May would smile to encourage him further. But Dylan couldn’t manage to react fully to her encouragement. The moment would quickly pass with his tongue tied in knots.

“Give me more.” May loosens up the leather strap and waits for him to insist once again before giving a little more. And he does. “More!”

When the cat and mouse of things had become quite hard for him to bear, Dylan decided that he needed to take an action. An action that seemed too bold but completely necessary. Dylan extended an evening invitation to May who agreed. And things proceeded smoothly until he began to think of what he really wanted to do and say. With those thoughts their intimacy had quickly become a moment that flushed his face leaving him to catch his tongue once again.

Dylan knew May to be armed with an interesting knack for sensing a person’s tension. It wasn’t a shock that she continued to remain close to him. Dylan understood that it was her only desire to encourage him further. It couldn’t be denied that she truly enjoyed Dylan thoroughly.

Her remaining closeness kept his heart racing. And the racing of his heart sent his pulse into a frenzy. At last he decided to react instead of ducking behind anything to avoid the obvious. With a swift and direct hand he raises and smacks her across her backside before telling May exactly what he wants. The firm hand of discipline that only she could give him. With a slight twist in her smile and lean of her head, May leans into his right ear with a whisper that tells Dylan she’d have no problem giving him what he wanted.

“More? I’ve been very bad, May. I think I need more. Give me more. MORE!” Lashing after lashing continues by the course of her extended hand.

May tells him “let me” before tying Dylan’s hands far above his head. Both his legs spread and waiting for the sting upon his bare skin. Dylan feels overjoyed as their moment is brought to realization by the swift sharp slap of her hand.

Dylan Montgomery was getting exactly what he wanted for the first time in his life and all he had to do was ask for it.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Flashback Friday! Style Icon: Patrick Nagel

Flashback Friday! Patrick Nagel always photographed & drew the classiest ladies never called them the trashiest ladies. He appreciated and respected all the women he worked with. Because he loved what he did... it showed! Kisses, xx, to patrick nagel for being a true gentleman & all your beautiful artwork of women! 

Kisses, xx

Monday, December 1, 2008

Style Icon: Patrick Nagel

Patrick Nagel is yet another artist that I've come to love and adore over the years. I have collected his pieces since I was about 13 after recieving one as gift. I completely identify with the 'Nagel Woman' and think the simplicity of the pieces are what makes them so beautiful. I have quite a few originals and a lot of reproductions.



"Patrick Nagel was an American artist, known for his focus on women and the female form, in the Art Deco style.In his lifetime he created hundreds of illustrations on board, paper, and canvas, most of which emphasizes the simple grace of and beauty of the female form.Nagel's work is superficially reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints, with their unusual cropping and large fields of color, but thematically, Nagel's shares more in common with 1920s Art Deco and the design aesthetics of J. C. Leyendecker or Maxfield Parrish.

Nagel would start with a photograph and work down, always simplifying and removing elements which he felt were unnecessary. The resulting image would look flat, but emphasized those elements which he felt were most important.


Nagel's figures generally have black hair, bright white skin, full-lipped mouths, and the distinctive Nagel eyes, which are often squared off in the later works. Because of the intense stylization and reduction of facial features into clean lines, generally the figures resemble each other, though Nagel worked with many models, including Playboy Playmates Cathy St. George, Tracy Vaccarro and Shannon Tweed. Nagel also painted several celebrity portraits including those of Joan Collins (whose portrait was subsequently released as a limited edition print) and Joanna Cassidy.

While Nagel's work is mostly represented by aloof, if also seductive women, they are rarely, if ever, presented in a submissive relationship with men. These are highly sexual, but empowered and intelligent, women. Nagel also painted men, though only one was ever released as a fine art print while Nagel was alive. He had and continues to have a devoted following of collectors. Patrick Nagel died of a heart attack in 1984 at the age of 38."