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Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Later Justin Timberlake...

It's later.

I'm writing about Justin Timberlake and you're  wondering what it means and I'll tell you but not just yet.

You're not ready.


Because you're still making excuses about the girl that you'll never pursue & ache for her kiss. You'll say she met someone else first and blame all the things in-between that aren't really there. There where she stands and loves you, you'll make another excuse for denying that kiss. It's a memory, a bizarre memory in the present. 

Like TV?
Nothing like the TV. 
Stop Making Excuses.
It's painful to watch real life not happen because you're afraid to let it.

And its a bizarre love triangle situation that reminds me of a song and now I have to hear it. 

Am I going to tell you about Justin Timberlake now?

Not yet.

But I do like his new album, suit & tie. It's smooth. 

And that smooth album makes me think of a smooth panda wearing a suit & tie, his broken television and a lot of traffic on a Sunday morning longer than some time ago but earlier than a forgotten Fairytale.  

The Panda had a suit, a Rabbit and a plan but I didn't catch their name only their game. A game that didn't end well because the Rabbit wanted to say "what's up" but didn't because he was distracted by that thought of me and the Panda. 

a girl, a panda and a rabbit walk into an art gallery...



And now its later and here's the thing: I met Justin Timberlake last week. 

[liar? hush!]

I did meet Justin Timberlake... The Rat Terrier last week. He's rather sweet. And knows exactly how to stay quiet. He happened to stop me on my morning walk. So I picked up Justin Timberlake and returned him to his owner who was walking toward me quickly. As she hugged, kissed and squeezed JT like he'd been lost at sea, she said to me without recourse or reason:

“I can't imagine my life without Justin Timberlake. He's everything I need. No man could ever take his place. Once a man did try to come between us, but I told him how it was... You feel me?” 

I smiled and started walking again. Before long she yelled out to me, “Do you have a dog?” I didn't answer her, but I waved goodbye to Justin Timberlake and kept moving. 

You weren't ready for that. 


Hopefully you're ready for the girl. 
Or the world.

Now or Later is a terrible thing to waste. Even if its only a candy.

So if you're ready... 
Then you should GO!