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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dream Roomspiration: Sexy time for the Provocative Bachelorette - Powder Puff Decor In a Woman's Boudoir

touch c/o

Some dolls love to touch themselves in their boudoirs! Oh my! It's okay if you're lonely dolls and even when you are not! Now Barbie loves her boudoir! In fact, one of Barbie's favorite pastimes is to curl up in her favorite fur and read her favorite literotica and she won't say what happens when she gets her hands all over her Ken... and oh you bet it's far more than a handshake! Barb's a lady and Ken's a gentleman so now kissing and telling. Now she can think of no better place than her beautiful boudoir to enjoy all that sexy time fun with her favorite fella...  But what about the decor? Barbie also enjoys that decorating your room needs only a poof or rather a puff of creativity to express yourself!

Dream Roomspiration: In a Woman's Boudoir- Powder Puff decor!

Would you decorate with Powder Puffs? 

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.