Monday, May 25, 2020

Aele House by Nameless Architecture

Barbie would love to know that everyone is exactly on the path they are meant to be, however she also knows this isn’t the case for many. She also knows that they will learn this lesson in time on their own or continue to cycle through familiar mistakes until they do. Nonetheless it is wonderful when a dreamhouse is quite different from others and on its own.

Aele House by Nameless Architecture 

Located in South Korea, the architecture and design of this home was determined by its location in the landscape. Three of the plot edges are surrounded by forest, evocative of a primitive, native land. To reflect this aesthetic the building elements were made with in-situ concrete to capture the essence, this included leaving mars in the construction, as commentary of the nature and the evolution of a space.The interior space connects organically, without a corridor. Each of the rooms is sized at 3.6 meters by 3.6 meters; excluding the bathroom and kitchen, all rooms can be used flexibly — adaptable to the needs of the inhabitants.

Would you want to find your path in this dreamhouse? 
Barbie would!
Kisses, m. 

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