Monday, February 4, 2019

Time Travel with Andy Warhol: Burgers

Took the Time Machine to see Andy Warhol last night...

Andy was about to be filmed eating a burger as a part of some film he was excited about.

“Moni, it’s been too long! We are going to eat! Would you like a burger? They’ll bring you one too. I’ll make them.”

After I give a shrug, Andy instructs them to send the runner for a Big Mac because “McDonald’s is the most beautiful, Monica. Where is the McDonald’s? Don’t you think, Moni?” 

“Can’t I just have champagne?” I ask not feeling hungry.

As the director starts to send his runner for the burger, Andy immediately interjects, “No, never mind, I’ll take the Burger King and Moni will have champagne. Cheers!”

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