Monday, October 29, 2018


Romance is the excitement in a relationship or friendship that perseveres... it’s not really lighted candles, Fred Astaire ballroom dancing or grand public gestures that people see in the movies. It can be as simple as doing something thoughtful for someone who you care for just because you thought of them. Or spending time together doing something you love. It’s really not a one size fits all. 

One of my favorite romantic gestures involved a guy bringing me a specific kind of lemonade that was out of his way because he thought of me. Look... Every relationship is different and I know a great many platonic friendships that are far more romantic than the couples I know. I think my friends tend to let me wine, dine & spoil them with gifts more than the men I’ve dated. So...

Define your own romance and don’t worry if you aren’t romantic enough. Don’t take romantic advice from garbage humans. They’re only trying to make everyone unhappy. If you have the grand ballroom, candle-lit romance... that’s amazing. If you have sweats and blankies on the couch watching a flick... that’s amazing too. To each their their own. Love is grand in all its shapes and sizes... no matter what. 

What kind of romantic are you? 

Here’s a old story about no one special & nothing really... 

Kisses, m.

On the menu

Good evening. Table for two? Right this way.

Ah, well aren’t the two of you sweet enough to eat. Lovebirds. I’ve definitely seen my fair share come through here. Not like you. You seem to be quite the pair. I’m getting a lot of energy coming off this connection you got going.

Well, let’s see where shall we put you? Oh of course there’s a small accompaniment over in the corner of the restaurant if you’d like a song. Not that you’ll be noticing. Especially with the way your eyes are locked onto each other like that…

 I, um, you know what? From the looks of you two, I think I’ve got the perfect table in mind. It’s a bit tucked away with just a little bit of ambiance and privacy for mood. It’s right this way.

If you don’t mind my asking, how long have you been together?

Three years. Oh my! You don’t say! Such passion!

Is there anything special I can get for you? Oh you want a bottle of wine. Not a problem. Of course, but that’s a pretty specific year. Is there a reason?

Tonight’s an anniversary! I love it! I could tell there was something special happening here. You see I’m pretty good at guessing these things.

This is really a beautiful spot. The lights and sounds are quite subdued. Don’t you think? Oh well, don’t mind me then. Help yourself to a kiss or few along with a seat. I’ll be right back in a sec with the wine.

The wine.  The glasses. A taste? Perfect.

Alright my lovely lovebirds, would you care for a little food to accompany the romance on the menu?

Not to worry. Enjoy each other. Enjoy the wine. I’ll be back in a little bit for your order.

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