Monday, September 10, 2018


A lot can happen in a month... a habit can be formed or broken in a month. Something I’ve learned over the years is that people ultimately stay who they are always. People don’t change who they are.  Not unless they want to or something scary-fucked up happens to them & forces them into it. Social media isn’t an excuse of any kind for anything including judging others. Sometimes it’s the most immature person calling everyone else little children on social media, who doesn’t want to grow up. Pay attention. Hypocrisy isn’t a good color on anyone. 

For moi, I call others by their names instead of labels and respect their boundaries when they want space and patience. My hands are always there to take a hold of when someone needs it. Loving & holding space for others is the easiest thing when you realize its not about you. 

Here’s one from Smoke... May you all find peace, balance and the time for it all including the things you wish to change. Change starts within and has nothing to do with others, even on social media, no matter how much you judge them.

Do you blow smoke? 
Kisses, m.

Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost. 
Or is it just your mind you’ve lost.
No one can take what you don’t use. 
You have the choice to take it back.

When you were only a child
You lost it. 
That thing that makes you want something else.
It’s 8:15 am and you decide to change your name.

You’re dressed up like a train wreck. 
You don’t want a cigarette. 
Claim you don’t even smoke. 
But you check your purse for cash.

In the middle of the road 
Just like another victim
You brought a friend and she’s got you wearing that bad look again.

Take a drag. 
No one can take it for you. 
Just another smoker.
Claims she’s lost. 

Lost without the last him 
Until you remember he’ll take a swing. 
You got the choice to stay
You take a drag instead
And leave 

Your friend is bringing a pack of Indians by
She wants you to wear that bad hair and kiss another man. 
He may as well be a John. 
You don’t love him. 
Don’t even want to. 

Middle of the road with your bad hair and bad lipstick. 
Your innocence is never lost. 
A cough precedes your drag.

Lost in the smoke remembering what he felt like on top of you. 
His new smell, grunts and it’s the only affection you know. 
You don’t have to do it but the weight,
The stranger’s body, makes you feel whole. 
Comforted by the feeling of physical touch. 

It’s a shame the way you hid behind the fake blonde hair
Pretending to be something you are not.
It’s a shame that they never see you.
Because you’re so busy avoiding yourself. 

Innocence remains beneath the layers of disillusion. 
You’re not lost. 
Don’t even want to be. 
Check your cash and take a drag. 

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