Friday, September 21, 2018

Give & Take

Life is full of compromise. But in order to compromise with anyone, you must know your limitations and have boundaries. There will always be someone scolding you or telling you that you are giving too much or taking too much from others... likely they’re mad you aren’t giving to them. Don’t listen to their words. Trust yourself and develop an instinct for what works best for you. The world is full of a lot of nonsense including people and it’s a choice of what you have to listen to. I could give you answers... but where’s the fun of you learning the truth yourself?  And you’re never alone in learning, someone will have the answer or help out if you ask. 

Do you let people tell you who to give to or take from? Didn’t think so.

Here’s something that’s about asking and maybe about boundaries... ala Matisse, I won’t discuss it.  

Kisses, m. 


Please don’t write me a song.

Please don’t sing for me.

Please don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Please don’t say you love me.

Please don’t say you’ll care.

Please don’t make me wait for you, when you won’t be there.

Please be different.

Please be kind.

Please be honest and speak your mind.

Please give your opinions.

Please give your time.

Please give your heart when you ask for mine.

Please don’t lie to me.

Please don’t manipulate truth.

Please don’t tell me things that really happened aren’t real.

Please have an open heart.

Please have compassion in your soul.

Please be a better man, than those you’ve met before.

Please don’t make me jealous.

Please don’t play with my head.

Please don’t be cruel and make me watch the others you take to bed.

Please be warm.

Please be affectionate.

Please be aware of when to be dominant and when to be weak.

Please don’t hit me.

Please don’t harm others.

Please don’t think there’s strength or power in violence.

Please love yourself.

Please have love for others. 

Please let love guide you when have lost yourself along the way.

Please. Love.

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