Wednesday, June 27, 2018


There’s nothing mysterious involved in using your mouth to vocalize words that have no hidden meaning. If you have to explain the mystery behind the creation... you’re missing the point of why you created it because people will see what they want to no matter what you tell them to. Rarely do I explain the truths behind my stories for that reason. Matisse, loosely quoted, once said, “I’d rather cut out my tongue than explain my artwork” Maybe I’ve forgotten how dark I can be?  

The most fun I’ve had working creatively... well there’s  no sharing most of the time just the finished product so it’s always fun to keep a secret. 

Do you keep a little mystery behind your art? Or do you ruin the surprise? 

Here’s something old that I won’t spoil by explaining it to you... but I will share that I’m working on some new things. . 

Kisses, m. 




“Flip your hair back,” he says with a smirk and a few winks of his right eye, “it’ll be our little secret.”


“Will it now?” I give him the slightest hint of resistance before tilting my head forward and flipping back my long dark brown locks. There’s nothing quite as pleasurable as seeing the look of satisfaction on his face when he takes command of things


“Now what?” I press for further instructions. 


“Don’t speak unless I tell you to or I’ll make sure you can’t.” he waves the silk scarf to remind me what happens when I misbehave. Without a further word he sits there and thinks. Looking me up and down he pauses then motions me to flip my hair again. Complying with his wishes I flip my hair and follow up with a twirl of my head. It’s enough to get him to respond. “Don’t improvise or you’ll be punished.”


Before I can say a thing he quickly races to my side and clamps a hand across my mouth forcing my syllables to sound like a moan. “hmmmphmmm.”


Shhh. That smart mouth will get you a longer wait. Honestly, love do you want to wait any longer?” his question is hurtful because he knows I hate waiting but I will. 


Shaking my head to indicate a “no” within the firm grip of his hands, I submit. His hands loosen their hold on my mouth and run across my jaw to lift my mouth to his for a kiss. Tasting his kiss, I kiss him back instinctively. He stops and pulls back to look me in the eyes. The scolding is silent but speaks volumes as he leans in kissing me more forcefully and smearing my lipstick before stopping. Walking away and turning, he commands…


“Flip your hair!”

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