Thursday, June 7, 2018


Love to find old writing... there’s something about it turning up that lights up my heart. Mostly because I’ve lost writing & photographs over the years... the whole non-attachment Buddhist thing doesn’t always help with those losses but I’m a work in progress. I won’t tell you how to cope with letting things go because I still get devastated like everyone else when I lose anything creative or meaningful I’ve invested myself into... school, work, love, people and sometimes material things. Rediscovering things also fills my heart with joy because it’s a reminder of who I was at that moment. It’s a nice reminder to make note of my evolution and wonder if I could still get in that mental space to write the same before wondering who I’ll be in a few years.

Here’s an old piece that I’d found a few years ago and rediscovered again today.

Do you like to remember who you were, reflect who you are now and wonder who you'll become?

Kisses, m.


The darkness, the shadows, the lights & the breathes that take up the empty places between us. It's not the closeness that's scary. The tremble of my breathing & tightening in my chest is something I resist as I watch you push away once more promising to return. Distance feeds & breeds fear in the mind but love is infinite & vast enough to fill the empty places. It's a long road in this life, there's nothing holding us back from living. Live, knowing that love is the absence of fear; an energy strong enough to overcome all. Release your fears, embrace and give love. As long as I breathe you’ll have my love between the dark, the light and the shadows.

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