Thursday, March 22, 2018


Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. It’s when you’re down that you realize your potential and decide if it’s worth going back for more. 

Here’s an old one about... ups & downs.

Kisses, m. 💋

Ride The Wave

“Ride The Wave?”

“Something like that... I don't get out here too often nowadays. The daily grind with work and wife, the kids, keeps me from enjoying the surf like I used to.”

“Life'll do that to you. The things you work towards, start to work a little against you. But you wouldn't trade it would you?”

“Not at all. As a matter of fact, the golden goddess on the wave out there is my wife and the kids are making sand castles for me in the surf. You know we don't get to do it much often. The waves & sun. But it's so amazing to take it in. The wonder of living seems so overwhelming until you stop and realize your life is just full.”

“Full? I've not heard it phrased that way before. Tell me more. I'm not ready to hit the water just yet...”

“Imagine life is a glass of water. When you are single it's filled with water & ice. You can remove ice if it's too full. When you're married or just a parent there's no ice. You have a full glass. No where to empty out until you complete things.”

“I see. So my being a single gal makes my life...”

“Before you finish. No, your life is so full & amazing as it is. Never doubt where you are. Just be ready for when the ice melts.”

“Is it hard when it melts?”

“A little, but it's worth it. You adjust when you realize what you have and appreciate everything life offers. Sometimes the things it doesn't.”

“The things it doesn't? The things you lose, right?”

“Yes, but you won't miss them...”

“I imagine not.”

“Well here comes my better half and something I'm not missing... a chance to ride those waves!”

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