Monday, January 8, 2018

The Band-Aid House by Camille Lemmolo

Sometimes you can’t stick a band-aid on a wound to heal it. Often the best thing for some wounds is air to breathe & rest and to boost the immune system a lot of TLC and a little interaction with loved ones. Barbie has become a healer through much of her own wounds and loves to encourage others to find better alternatives to healing than just sticking a band-aid on a problem.  Here’s a Dreamhouse that speaks to the soul...

The Band-Aid House by Camille Lemmolo

The Band-Aid House is an art installation by Camille Lemmolo. The installation is a metaphorical safe place in which the viewer can reflect on the human condition with a deeper sense of grace and gratitude. The 10 ft tall house dedicated to her brother Paul is covered in 21,000 band-aids & scotch tape was envisioned out of a horse-riding accident that was nearly fatal for the artist. 

The Band-Aid House was a part of the special curatorial projects at Art/Miami Dec. 2013.  This house reached thousands of viewers, establishing that humans are aching to reach out and connect with one another in a world where we often feel we should not.

Would you love to explore the Band-Aid House?
Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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