Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Trentham House: 700 Haus by Glow Building Design

Barbie is a visual kind of designer and appreciates the details in all aspects of a design.

Trentham House: 700 Haus by Glow Design Group 

Located in Victoria, Australia, the shed-inspired home features an exterior of corrugated steel that helps to reflect heat, keeping the building cool in summer. Clients wanted a contemporary home which was energy efficient and took advantage of the hillside farm location. Trentham house was designed to blend with the landscape but also feel like a house. Designed to maximize the view of the surroundings, accommodate for heavy rainfall and provide for comfort for cold conditions while utilizing local products for construction when possible.

Would you love all the details of this home? 

Barbie would. 
Kisses, m.

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