Friday, July 7, 2017


Eating alot of fruit and veggies is one of the few really great habits i picked up while I was a vegetarian that has stayed with me. Not to mention its amazing for healing and caring for your skin. I know when I eat a lot of grapefruit my complexion is absolutely radiant. Sometimes its fun to share your fruit and veggies...  Here's a new 300 from the next series. 

Do you share your fruit or veggies? 

Kisses, m.


“Let me.” He says.

Pulling a part off a piece of grapefruit and lifting it toward my mouth he indicates to open. Parting my lips slowly & letting the juice spill as I take a bite. Just as I swallow a full bite he leans in to steal a kiss and taste the sweetness citrus juice on my lips.

“Delicious. More?” He teases with a smile. Taking another piece he runs it along my mouth, letting the juice spill down my chin. With a finger he wipes away the juice and presses it toward my mouth. Gently sucking his finger until the taste is gone, I open to release and take in another slice of grapefruit. Without words he follows again with another kiss. Then places my hands on the fruit.

“My turn.” He indicates that he wants me to feed him. Pulling my hands he presses and guides them to pull apart the remaining portions of grapefruit. Much larger than the previous pieces, he uses his hands to help me. Lifting the fruit to his mouth I squeeze it, letting him drink the spilling juice. After it spills on his face he pulls it toward his mouth to suck on it then eat it from my hand. Roughly he takes me and kisses my face. The grapefruit pulp and juice spills on my face and into my mouth. Tasting his kiss, I release and pause before feeding him the remaining smaller piece.

“More?” he says voraciously wanting another kiss but I resist with a smile. Gently I slice another grapefruit in half and let him wait. Wanting him to beg for it, I wait. With a smile he wipes his mouth and sticks out his tongue. Carefully I seperate the juicy fruit into pieces.

“Let Me.” I tell him.

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