Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Being yourself and giving no fucks to anyone's perception is the ultimate way to live. I'm not saying it gives you license to be a dick. I'm saying it's ok to tell off anyone who tells you to change. They're the one with the problem with you, not you. The right people love you as is and your flaws. If you want to be better change for yourself, not to win acceptance. Because those who accept you will never need to be won over. Being true to yourself is the sexiest thing anyone can do!

Do grab a hold of yourself and be you? 

Here's an excerpt from my novel... about that it'll be out later this year. 

Kisses, m.


“She's so busy trying to be a better version of me that she fails to realize that he's rejected the best version of me for a version of her. It was never me, always her.

In reality, to get & keep that man... all she really needs to do to is grab a hold of herself and stop trying to being me. Because me, that's something he does not want.

It's something I silently wonder as I watch her change herself to be me again as he walks away.”

- jemma - the perspectives

Photo Credit: Terry Richardson 

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