Monday, June 19, 2017



When youre completely vulnerable and authentic things can be very warm with others... sometimes it's so cold you need a fur coat. Here's an old one from Smoke about the pleasurable perfection of being completely open and honest with your intentions.

Do you stay open or need to close yourself off?  Why? 

Kisses, m.


A single cigarette.

It's my idea of perfect. 
Waiting to give him pleasure.
After a long day he's wasted more time.

Time & minutes I can count as the cigarette ashes fall to the ground.
Silently I listen to the sound of smoke.
Filling the air.
Touching my bare skin.
Goose flesh.
Hard nipples. 
Nothing like being bare waiting for his touch.
Fur coat.
No need.
I'm taking it off. 

Taking it all off for his pleasure. 
The cool air dances across my skin.
I watch the infrared glow of the lights in the darkroom.
I've left the door ajar.
Carried away thinking of him.
Film can wait for developing.
The flavor in my mouth can't wait.
Tasting him with his favorite smoke in my mouth.
Thinking of his hands running across my ass makes me wonder how long I've been waiting.

When I think I've been waiting far too long. 
I know it's not long enough. 
The clock is still ticking up to six.
Tick. Tock.
Hips rock.
Legs shake.
Can't wait.

So I sit.
The seat of his chair is cool.
Soft to the touch of my legs.
Take a drag.
And rest.
Just my smoke.

Leaning back I think of his smile.
That dirty grin that lets me know he's in.
He's in. 
Deep in my mind.
Just watching for me to react.
I can't help but react.
Wanting the one thing that makes my heart jump. 

His fingers touching my bare skin. 
Sliding them gently up my legs until they reach my ass and spine. 
Once he circles my breasts I remind him with my mouth that the pleasure is all mine. 
All mine to please him. 

Pleasing him with my hands across his waist. 
My lips trailing across his neckline. 
Removing his clothes to nurture his tired body
Letting my hands wander downward along his chest until they find home.
My free hand is already occupied thinking and wanting his body.

Outside movements stir and shake my mind back to now.
My body knows. 

The sound of the key in the door
Sends shivers up my spine.
A quiver in my lip.
I hold back from running over to greet him.
Wait for that grin.
The sheer pleasure of watching him walk into the room and look at me with his hair slightly covering his face...


Photo Credit: Ben Hassett

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