Wednesday, June 28, 2017


A kiss is one of a kind, no matter who you are kissing. It's unique as your lips are to your face. Very much like fingers no one has the same lips. Here's a new 300 from that wet series I've yet to rename that will be out next month.

When was your last first kiss? 

Kisses, m.



The touch of his fingers on my lips leaves them behind only to be wiped away with his mouth kissing mine. The warm caress ofhis hand on the back of my neck sends shivers down my spine. The cool summer rain splashes all around us leaving our bodies wet and ripe with electricity. The water hangs on my mouth between the touch of his fingers and his kisses. 

Curiously I let my fingers trace patterns up his torso and across his water soaked chest. The trail of hair on his body welcomes my hands and imprints of love. With each kiss there’s a swallow of water between us. The taste of our love lingers for only a moment with each passionate release. Eagerly as he pulls me closer, he gently moves his hands around my body, leaving his fingerprints of love along my frame. 

The splashing rain all around us reminds me of the shower as it bombards our intertwined bodies. The wet sand cools our skin that is very much alive with heat. As he moves his kisses are more tenderly placed; moving down my neck and breasts before returning to my mouth. I can taste his desire as much as I can feel it in his kiss. Moving my hands up his chest, I hold his face to pull him back. Letting the water spill over his face I touch his mouth. My fingerprints linger before I kiss them away. His hands continue tracing the skin around my back as I move my hands back along his chest. The rain slows as do our kisses until they cease. Looking into my eyes, he lets go slowly letting his hands make their way along my torso tracing my breasts before caressing my lips and leaving his fingerprints.

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