Tuesday, May 23, 2017

6 x 6


Somtimes we are trapped in the little rooms of our minds. Even with the most disciplined spiritual practice of meditation it's easy to feel out of sorts. Some days my life feels like it's... feels like I'm hanging from my ceiling and the universe makes little sense. I could resist the feelings and let it leave me spinning but my Buddhist practice insists to simply go with it. It's ok to recognize the confusion of things but try not to let it keep you from enjoying life.

Here's a new 300 from Water which I'll be releasing soon. I'm considering changing the name. The series was written/inspired three years ago and I'm in a different place. C'est La Vie!

Do you get stuck in your head instead of focusing on the present? 

Kisses, m.


Six feet by six is the size of the room we selected, shared and decorated with our bodies. Afternoon light and sounds cascade across the wood floor as the warm summer air is interrupted by a cool breeze entering the window. Goosebumps run up and down his arms and legs. He’s been awake longer than asleep today so I let him rest. His chest raises and lowers quicker and a slight moan suggests his dream startles his psyche. I place my hand to his head and wipe away sweat before gently placing another pillow under his head. 

The same memory has woken me a hundred times over. And I can’t fall back to sleep. So I watch him quietly during our midday slumber. Waking to a feeling that seems to never completely pass leaves you haunted. My sleeping hours are filled with thoughts of actions that can’t be taken back and musings questioning if they ever existed. You can’t know what someone’s thinking or feeling but there’s so many things you see when you look closer. 


Watching his chest expand and retract reminds me how precious life is. As the lazy sun climbs the walls and blankets the floor, I see his eyes open. Watching me back he smiles and says nothing. I feel out of my body as though I am looking down on it all and realize that I feel more present in this instant with him, someone I hardly know, than I’ve felt in a long time. Gently he places his hands on mine, lips on mine, circling me closer with his legs reminding me what it’s like to feel human again. For a moment I’m liberated from the room in my mind that’s much smaller than the one we share on this warm day in June. 





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