Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday Words: Breathless

Ever miss anyone so much you couldn't catch your breathe without them? Here's an old one from A Heart Found. I'll quote Matisse because I recall writing is both my vice and passion which do not require an explanation.   

Kisses, m.


These moments
When I can't breathe.
Balling up
Into the pain,
I'm reminded that I've been absent
Too long
From your grace.

Completely satisfied by life
On my own.
I let you go
For life is
A pleasure you too enjoy
On your own.

Yet I gasp for air
Aching from
Inside out
To feel your touch,
To see your face.

Knowing you enjoy
Your freedom
I only desire
A glimpse to quench 
The thirst.

It will have to be enough
I set you free
Until the air
I breathe
Grows thin...

Without the sight of you.


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