Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Universe Rules

The universe has its own rules. You can go against the order and it's fun to watch someone do that. Or you can go with it. I like to go with it whether there's joy, tears or anger to see what happens from it. Now I don't unpack and live in the dark places but I visit them because it's sanity.

Yes... You get good karma by doing good things. You do bad things vice versa. And sometimes karma hurts the ones you love instead so be careful. So why do bad things happen to good people? Honestly, to remove them from a  situation. 

Recently life has been hard for the universe is pressing me to change & make the choice to distance myself from bad energy. No, I'm not ready to deal but we never are. Nonetheless I've been letting my self compassion and self love guide me.

So my job dumped on me. Overwhelming meanness of needless kinds. I have cried a lot, it's hard to cope when the shell of perception breaks for the first time. But eventually you learn how to deal because you care for yourself. 

I've lost a friends over the last while because I simply love myself too much to condone abuse of myself or others through their actions. It is hard to see how departure is positive but it's been nothing but good fortune in my life. The universe is working to your highest good at all times. 

An ex and a friend of the ex have propositioned me in the last 48hrs. My ex has a girlfriend. The friend does as well. Got angry with this situation because I don't believe in adultery or have a desire to be with the friend of an ex even if he is single. But I'm letting it go. Life isn't a TV show. That's messiness for no reason and again my self love goes further than that. 

So where does Buddha or God help? Compassion and forgiveness do not mean you have to let situations or people mistreat you or others without accountability. We are all on this earth to be happy & kind. Anything else is noise. We are not good or bad people for choosing to stand our ground or have beliefs. It's necessary.

My suggestion, next time you are having a bad day/night or make someone's actions about you then retaliate to hurt them... Realize it's not about you. Ask them first & give them an out. They're someone's daughter, son, sister, brother, mother, father, friend, lover and etc. going through life. Let it go. It's your perception not theirs. Practice compassion and honesty with them before resorting to being mean, spreading problems (misinformation, lies, gossip) and creating hostile situations. Try to offer diplomacy. Why? You will find yourself or your loved ones in the same situation when karma is restored. If you want to burn your life then fine, but remember not everyone wants to join you. 

Anyhow, there's new writing I'm thinking of sharing instead of only publishing. Nothing I write is of others I know or around me. I won't discuss or defend it. With that I'll quote Matisse. 

Here's an old one about attempting to get what you want. 

Kisses, m.


Baby, pick up the phone. I want to talk to you. You know you want to talk about it. You always want to talk about it. Honey, it’s cold out here. I know you’re still in there cause you just hung up on me thirteen times. But I’m glad you decided to let the machine get it this time. It takes a bigger person to admit they’re wrong. Whoa Whoa… Baby, don’t hang up!

Don’t hang up! Please listen. I can be… I’m wrong. It can all be my fault. You were completely right about things. I should have never said that about your mother after I said that thing about your father. Let me in. Mr. Collier has just turned on his front porch light and has binoculars. I don’t want the neighbors to see. I know I should have left things be and thought about that before…  Damn!

Quit hanging up. Answer the line. Talk to me. Half the neighborhood can hear me yelling. And turning on the sprinklers was a low blow. What do you want? I can’t leave. Where am I gonna go like this? Let me in the house. I won’t break anything. Not that you haven’t already started. I can hear the dishes out here. Let me guess now you’ll want more dishes to break next time. WAIT!  

Hold on. What do you want? You don’t want my apology. You don’t want anything. You’ve shut me out here in the cold. There’s nothing but people gawking at us and listening to our… my conversation. You don’t care do you? That this all means nothing. You don’t know why it happened. But it’s my fault. So what now… What do I want? Let me tell you what I want. I just want my pants back.

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