Monday, July 11, 2016

Blow out!

Blow out love instead of blowing out anger, passive aggression or fear. Don't let your anxiety or insecurity get in the way of giving your love to the world. We are all meant to be happy not detract from each other's happiness.

Everyone needs a friend and if you're having a hard time then all you have to do is open up & tell someone. Acting too cool for school & hella tough to cover your true feels or evading friends & family completely will get you into more problems than what you started with. You ain't gotta be perfect to get love or support from the people in your life. You just have to show up and be open to receive it.

How you push people away is all you. No one else's fault. I personally have been known to push people away when I don't want to deal with things... Feels, situations, pressures, etc. So the best advice I can share that works for me: Take a compassionate hard look at how you're handling the pressures you've placed on yourself and how you're dealing with feeling afraid and then the people trying to help you.

Like I've said a bunch of times before, I don't always have the Buddhist answers for myself until I've experienced something or a situation and I'm ok with that. So it's ok if you don't have the answer to everything. But you have to be willing to give it a try to figure it out. Be completely open and honest with what you feel and have to offer others. Once you put your best foot forward, you'll see that others do the same. Figure out what comes next as you are able to. You have to let life and love in to be able to blow it out in all ways and aspects of your life. 

Here's an old piece that has nothing to do with hair and everything to do with blowing out love. 




Blow. Smooth lips pursed together. Red. Delicate. Tiny opening pushing out air. Cheeks strain with the slightest sense of pressure. Air escapes. The chaos amid the noisy cherry velvet room has no relevance. Stuck in this moment. Lighting lifts and dims without notice. Watching. Smiling mouth. Demure. Hand rises up to mouth once more. There it is. Blow. Lips press together in a soft unreturned kiss. Lowering hand thrusts the puff across the room at me. Landing directly upon my face. Smile. Happiness in my heart. The pulse pounding noise surrounding can not break this connection. Thick humidity deepens with the intensity of the crowd. Bodies pass inbetween. No matter. Eyes never leave. Lips stay full. Giggles escape from the soft red. My eyes are smiling with anticipation. Air drawn in again. Blow. An small ‘o’ forms with the gesture. Both hands reach upwards to hide the impending message. Silent. Discreet. Jumping outward and full of excitement. Sending the invisible soldier off into the open expanse. Ready. Aim. Target Acquired. Smile. Turn away. People interrupt. Embracing. Lips locking. Interruption to the beat of the drum. Up. Down. Wet. Tongues. Eyes open. Eyes closed. Neither is thinking the same thing. Disconnected. Break. Parting in different directions. Focus. Across the folding sea. Blow. Lips force an opening. Pushing out an intruding army of wind ready to make battle with any obstacles. Hand reaches up and outward to guide the path. Eyes follow the concealed missile toward its target. Distractions intercede. Path is blocked. Nothing but movement before my eyes. Heated pulsating flesh shoves and hits against my skin. Face buried in the warmth. Hidden. Losing the battle to the electricity of the mass. Hands grabbing and pulling. Sinking. Unknown faces. Smiling eyes. Blow. Air against my cheek. Familiar. Red. Revealed. Soft. Kiss.

Photo Credit: Tyler Shields 

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