Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Capela dos Ossos (The Chapel of Bones)

Barbie loves to work with unusual design materials but can you imagine using skulls? Here's an architectural wonder made entirely of human skulls. 

The Capela dos Ossos (The Chapel of Bones) 

"The small interior chapel is located in Èvora, Portugal next to The Church of St.Francis. The 16th structure contains skulls and bones of about 5000 monks. Light enters through three small openings on the left. Its walls and eight pillars are decorated in carefully arranged bones and skulls held together by cement. The ceiling is made of white painted brick and is painted with death motifs
There are two desiccated corpses, one of which is a child, dangle from an iron chain."

Would you visit Capela dos Ossos?

Barbie would! 
Kisses, m.

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