Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fierce ~ Heart

It takes a fierce resolve to create because to do so carries much weight. To continue, to persevere is brave. For when you feel the inspiration you do not deny the urging of your muse and walk into the forest of boundless creativity once again until you are whole. 

For many months I've promised books and the universe found many ways to redirect me... until now.  Instead of the darker book, I am publishing my series of love notes/poems at the urging of those who wish to see a bit more light of heart in the world. It's not all awful & we are not ruled by our past. There are still reasons to be alive if you look for them. Love of life is one of the better reasons. 

Ah, romance is kind of like a mythological creature? Much like life it is what you see & make of it. One person's idea of romance is another's chore. It's silly but there's the thing: people want someone who will play pretend the way they do. Once again the poems are written about love personified & with that I'll quote Matisse. 

If you're interested buy a copy and check it out! The book will be up on Amazon in a couple of days. 

Here's another one from the book, A Heart Found.

Will you buy a copy? 
Kisses, m.

Aching palpitations,
Quakes and spasms, 
Can not stop my heart 
That beats fierce
And strong
In time with yours.

Surrounded by 
Willfully causing
Harm to my heart.
I maintain my strength,
My balance
And courage to

The wait for you
To arrive
Is worth
Every minute
Knowing that I 
Truly belong...

In your arms.


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