Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hand ~ Skin

Sometimes you get a hand when you're coping with life, loves, friendships, struggles, & broken hearts. And sometimes you have people make it about themselves which is also a hand you never saw holding you up.  

I applaud all creatives for sharing how they see the world. For those who internalize & identify with my writings on a personal level... Thank you for seeing yourself in my experience & vulnerabilities. It makes me feel more connected to the world knowing others feel the same especially when these are things that nearly break me to create. 

Here's another one about the lovers written without being in love from the series of love notes inspired by Tyler Knott's dreamy haiku's. 

Are you inspired by the world to create?
Do you write? Or draw? Or paint? Or sculpt? How do you express yourself?

Hand ~  Skin

The ghost 
Of your 

Haunts my skin.

When you're away
Too long
I ache
For your...



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