Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Architecture Barbie, Architecture!

Every once in a while Barbie loses focus and forgets who she is... And one of her oldest, favoritest and probably the most magical of all her favorite kens always finds a imaginative and delightful way to remind her that she's capable of so much more. In fact he's reminded her that one of this dolls favorite things to do is try on new jobs! Since she loves dream houses... Why not architecture! 

Architecture Barbie, Architecture!

Equipped with a model dream house, hard hat and drawing tube, Mattel boasts that Architect Barbie will empower girls to play out different roles and “try on” fabulous careers.  While Architect Barbie seems more like a tool to help girls with their play time... She's still a step in the right direction. Perhaps future dolls can include an iPad, optional pink friendly clothing that include a tshirt, pants & boots, & a hairstyle that can be pulled back for actual on site shenanigans with construction dolls & kens. 

And Perhaps... A more sophisticated attire for presentations?

Do you like to try on new professions?

Barbie does!


Kisses, m.

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