Monday, August 17, 2015

Unbroken ~ Will


I've found my balance
On my own.

Although I'm missing you,
I'm not missing anything.

A feeling reminds my heart 
Of your presence in it while
An ache reminds me
Of my need for freedom
And your need to be free without me. 

Sure of myself.

It's not bravado.
It's confidence. 
I know I'm capable.
Perfectly imperfect.

Unlike a mask of weakness
Appears harsh, abrasive.
It's meant to last
When the masks crumble.

Sometimes I wonder if
It's because I'm not broken.
I used to think I was.
I wasn't. 

My resolve holds me firm.
My skeleton is lined with hope.
I heal.
I live with the scars. 
Functioning and whole 
Even when I'm missing... you.


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