Monday, March 23, 2015

The L Word

Ah my loves, my little loves we've been through this before. Love is not lust and lust is not love. Ms. M adores all of your eagerness for amore but you must not confuse things... Because you all are capable of love right now.

The definition of love in Buddhism is wanting others to be happy. It's odd to me that more people do not love when it's so simple. I love people but I do not care for unkindness. It pains my heart to depths of melancholy to see instances of cruelty. And it doesn't make you a bad person to behave unkindly. I'm human and on occasion I am unkind in response to difficult situations or unkindness. It doesn't make me mean. It demonstrates my desire to treat others in the manner they've mistreated me. Bottom line: I'm only mean if you're being mean to me... So guess what? This rule applies to everyone too. Try being kind & others will respond in kindness.

Why? Truly if we are capable of mistreating people, we are capable of loving them too. But first you must learn what it is to love. Until you learn to love yourself you will always seek love from an external source. And be at others hand for unkindness.

Being In romantic love...?? Hmm? I do not know how to start this but let's begin here:

Someone tells me “you write the most romantic things! the man that inspires you must be quite amazing.”

My reply to her: “I write about love. Love is perhaps personified. But when I start it is not centered upon a person. It is about actions & feelings more or less of habits of being in romantic love. It's unknown to me if it is about a specific person. But it is about love. A feeling that has yet to be.”

So... I am not in love although I have written lovely things. And yes I have wasted time on unkind men in the past. But currently I am not in romantic love. I will admit I have & have had feelings for someone and can do nothing to see them through still so I continue to live & meet people. C'est la vie!

So my loves, if you want love... you must be love, give love & accept love. Start by loving yourself, want happiness for yourself & others and life will love you in return. 

It's not so hard. Life is simple. People make it hard. 

Here's a story about desire & lust... from the ebook of the same name! It's in the amazon kindle store! Check it out if you like!

Kisses, m.

Between The Sheets
(May 2012)

In the fading darkness of night we've found a moment
We're between the sheets when he tells me to leave the 
lights on.

"I like it with the lights on" he says with a devilish grin.
It's both of us thinking the same thing but we know it's nothing.
There's a need that neither of us can run away from.
There's only a kiss to blame when it starts.

I'm telling him that "I want more" when his hands show me what he's got in mind.
It's hardly a secret between strangers anymore.
Louder than anything I'm telling him, showing him, begging for more.
He's pressing his hands in harder and whispering for me to tell him if I like it.
I like it and he lets his fingers go looking for my pleasure.
What seems to be unreal is waiting to become a reality.
It's in this moment I know there's no going back.
Slowly his kisses stop and he moves backwards.
Reclining, he sits partly on the soles of his feet, watching me spread out
I have an insatiable appetite for more but he rests.
Laughing at my hunger he tells me that "it's late."
So I slide myself upward until I'm against his body.
My hands reveal that I want this feeling to expand.
He shows that he wants more by pressing me back into the sheets.

The heat of his breath collides with my face.
Our tongues dance in the darkness of a kiss.
My hands and legs react with force to his kiss.
Within seconds I'm wrapped around him not wanting to let go.
In this moment he's all I need.
Each passing moment we're running toward release.
When it comes we're shaking in unison.
As daylight slowly emerges we're together between the

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