Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In Our Hands

I wrote an except for a local publication called Faces Of The Goddess. I thought you might appreciate a chance to read it... 

Kisses, m.

In Our Hands.

We are. All things are. It is eternal. The existence we know as living continues and ceases yet our spirits persevere onward. In Zen Buddhism every living person is no different than every thing; living thing. You are the universe and the universe is you. Your energy is what places you uniquely within the greater organism that humanity is a part of. To affect one piece, person, or thing is to affect all. You love all life including your fellow human because you love yourself. 
When we attempt to control others we resist what is considered true love. Through resisting love of all things, you resist your true purpose in the universe. It is not your role to control others, it is your role to express love and share energy in a way that connects you to them.
Within every person is an inner magic, an internal majestic quality that makes us unique to ourselves. It is our inner Diva or Divo, our God/Goddess energy that sparks us to life. A magic so powerful that it connects us to all life in the universe.  Through that connection we experience true unity. We are all able to channel our personal magic and exude our Diva/Divo in such a way that the universe is in tune with our vibrations. 
Resisting your true Diva/Divo magic changes your vibration with everything around you. To resist this magic pulls you out of sync with all that connects you and captures your peace.  Once peace and happiness eludes you, your Diva/Divo energy is in disarray. Like a plant that needs water, you must replenish your energy through tuning and controlling yourself. Recharge through activities that reconnect you to that magic. 
To be in tune with oneself is to find peace and joy in the universe. Our ability to control ourselves and elevate our frequency is a gift. Controlling our actions by remaining true to our spirit enables us; we realize our full Diva/Divo potential. The stronger your inner Diva/Divo is, the more capable you are of drawing compatible spirits, opportunities and things into your life through your personal vibrations. 
We are capable of true Diva/Divo magic, and when we embrace it, we welcome the opportunities and outcomes that already exist. The universe will exist as it already has and continues. It is all within us to find peace and happiness but we must be open to let it in.

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