Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As of late people have been sending the occasional photography question into the email. I think it's interesting because it took me years of writing and publishing to get feedback but photography gets people excited! I guess? 

So I'll answer a few... 

One - I am freelance right now and looking for a bigger agency to shoot for & learn from by growing with them. My gigs are mostly bands &/or friends in bands. A few are friends that enjoy getting me a job or promoting me. It's fun & I love doing it. And while I am trying to shoot other things... Something I've learned is that you don't turn down work. :)

Two - I don't believe in watermarking. It's not necessary & doesn't increase professionalism. Mostly it detracts from the images. Someone will crop it out if they're motivated enough. But it's a fun calling card I suppose. 

Three - Yes! Yes I do I submit to publications & online everywhere for everything I shoot... Bands, architecture, museums, festivals, theater, ballet, etc. It's a male dominated industry and even the men in other industries I know, don't or can't give me a break. I have learned to accept the mantra that it's not personal but business. I suppose my advice for getting in the door... Don't take it personal when you promote others and they don't promote back. Most important: Keep shooting and submitting! It only takes one shot! 

Last one: I will keep posting images and by all means please do email if you want pricing. I usually sell privately but I'm definitely open to requests.

Are you a photographer? What types of things do you shoot? 

Kisses, m.

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