Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dream Roomspiration: Music Rooms

Barbie rarely clarifies or answers questions but she loves when numerous people take themselves the time to ask a question she feels it's her job to answer it. And she did!

Going to step out of the heels of Barbie for minute to say to the dolls that have been submitting Q's to the email & DM-ing to speculate what Ms. M stood for... I'm sorry to make it basically so boring and offend anyone. But you made it interesting for moi! Kisses!

My favorite of the guesses, and I love it, was:The Fabulous Ms Music! I thought since I enjoyed your guesses so much this dream roomspiration is dedicated to you! xx, dolls! 

Dream Roomspiration: Music Rooms

Would you have a music room? 

Kisses, xx

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