Thursday, October 30, 2014


A single thought can present interesting things in your day. Come crashing in. Disrupt your peace & calmness. Perhaps it's not always a bad thing to be preoccupied... By a violently happy thought. 

Here's a new 300 about a single thought. I'm not sure what I'm doing with these extras. 

Kisses, m.


A thought of you.
One single thought sends my heart spinning, 
Pulsating wildly yearning for more.

A trigger.  
Like a bullet.
The thought,
Violently escapes from nothing.
Enters my mind.
Tears apart my peaceful calm.

I'm unhinged by this man.
I want more.
One hint is not enough.
My heart cares little for logic.
I ache, 
Pulsate within my skin.
Slapped into awareness by my feelings 
For him.

Stinging of my gooseflesh 
Anticipating the electric shocks,
Thinking your unknown touch.
Obliterates my psyche 
Because I'm not close enough to feel
To touch your hands, eyes, mouth 
Without understanding the why
Of this craving.

Appetite for the destruction of my senses
A desire for another thought.
Begging to taste it

Devouring the one thought. 
Ripping it to shreds.
I'm an animal.
Escaping my cage.

A cage that I didn't know existed 
Until I saw those electric eyes
And all at once 
I was trapped.
Violently beating heart
Beneath my clothing.
Racing at the sight of him.

Who I was before this gunshot is a memory.
She was a small, bland, colorless version.

I'm cool.
Ruined because I'm the prey.
Waiting to be shot down by the Hunter.
A thought I can't escape.
And I don't want to.

I want to be torn apart by emotions.
A trophy for his love.
Owned by his hand.
The single thought of him 
Erupts my body & mind into happiness.
Yet restrained by him.

My soul obeys loyally to this thought.
Never expanding it.
Knowing & pursuing freedom
Because once he knows my thought
I am caught by this Hunter.
Resistant by nature,
I will submit to the whim of this man.
Bleed out emotions & affections
Mind, body & soul
To the thought of him.

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