Thursday, October 9, 2014

Style Icon: Kim Gordon

The 90's brought a no nonsense brand of clothing that spoke more personally to a generation. Known as X-Girl, the short-lived mid-'90s fashion line, perfectly captured a certain era of New York; a time when calling yourself a hipster or an indie band actually had some significance. 

If you've never heard of X-Girl, you're in store for a history lesson.  In 1993, Kim Gordon, the bassist from Sonic Youth, and stylist Daisy von Furth founded the line as an offshoot to the LA men's-only streetwear brand X-Large. X-Girl was a more fitted, cleaner answer to the baggy, skateboard-influenced fashions that X-Large made.

The original line was comprised of fitted-but-not-tight tees, A-line dresses, and mini-skirts; some skater pants were also in the era-appropiate mix. However, in 1998 X-Girl was sold to a company in Japan, and only available in Japan. As of recent it's still available in its retro nineties-inspired fabulousness online.  (-glamour) for more see

Do you remember X-Girl? Would you wear it? 

Kisses, m.

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