Wednesday, October 1, 2014


SMOKE officially comes out Friday but hopefully it will up be by today or tomorrow afternoon/evening for you to buy!  I'm very lucky and blessed to be able to publish these small books for those who still ask me too. I know it's a small thing without money, accolades or fame but I appreciate even the tiniest of support. Here's another from the book...

Kisses, m.


Clay Mask.
She wears a mask everyday.
Yet today I come home to see
The emotional wreck of my wife.
She's been smoking & having a martini.
I know she's not happy.

She's been reclining in my easy chair.
Tears have spilled down the clay mask.
It's a moment when she's been herself without a mask to hide or hold them back.

Even after she wakes up and washes off the clay, 
She'll wear a mask that hides her. 
It has a smile.
A laugh. 
Lines of wear. 
But she'll still put it on. 
That invisible mask.
Like a dress.
Her favorite dress.
And she's grown used to it.

The Mask is nothing like her.
Yet it's for my benefit.
I just want my wife to be happy.
I think she likes pretending to be, 
Even though she's bad at it.
It makes her happy
So I let her wear the mask.

Quietly I watch her rest. 
I wish she'd stop being so strong & let me care for her.
Gently I remove the cigarette and place it in the ashtray.
Take a sip out of her drink.
I can recall how this emotional creature used to set my heart spinning.
I know I can't catch her like this. 
I will have to give her time to wake up. 

I wait calmly & watch her breathe. 
One more look before I walk out of the room. 
This private vulnerable moment was not for my prying eyes.
Yet she takes my breath away in her present state.
I wish she'd tell me what's wrong.

Instead, I sigh then turn & walk out.
Slamming the door behind me. 
Ten steps out the stoop, return jingling keys and fumbling with locks.
Knowing she's inside scrambling
To put herself back into the...


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