Monday, October 6, 2014

Again with a little more feeling

How do you avoid what you feel? You don't. Feelings are an uncertainty. It is best to embrace the uncertainty in life. You can control how you react but not how you feel. In buddhism you embrace the unknown and control yourself instead of trying to control the situation. 

I know a few people who get their dreams shattered or hearts broken often. And they say "monica, you must never get upset or overwhelmed by feelings." So I say, alright I do... I am a feeling creature and in fact, I've run into some interesting feelings again for the second time in a matter of months in the last 24 hours and much like rain or water spraying & pouring over you... It's uncontainable. You can not hold feelings back but you can try not to let them interfere in affecting yours or others lives. You control your reaction.

Without saying much I'll say: There's no choice in love & money... you just don't interfere with others love or money. In my experience you can join love & money successfully but not interfere in them. Well this doll doesn't interfere... EVER! I would never interfere with any doll or ken even if they interfered with my life before. I do however question the motives of people who interfere & further question the complexity of my own feelings for anyone who would deliberately want to cause me unhappiness & hinder me in love or money.

Needless to say the timing is never right to come face to face with feelings about  people or a career passion and have to rehash. When it's something you'd dismissed as one sided & nothing possible in your life; convinced that these things are juvenile, pointless, uncontrollable & will be painfully unrequited doesn't change that you'll once again process uncertain emotions about them. It isn't healthy to chase a dream that can't become as it is; much like it is not heathy to long for or miss someone who doesn't miss or long for you back. You don't give up on a dream or dating but you change how you continue with things. Why? Everyone should find & have a true love with another and achieve their dream job in life. These things should be requited. I'm finding these new feelings  of mine especially difficult to process because they are upon the heels of a couple of prior rejections, in both love & money...  September was a very off month!

But this is life. Nothing ever happens at the time we want or how we want. But it's always the right timing when things do happen. 

Have to let go of what we feel & desire sometimes in order for the right things to happen. So for moi, I embrace & will process my uncertain passengers again & keep going with the flow... It's time to deal with them. My feelings will be different in no time because the only certainty is uncertainty. The possibilities are endless in not knowing what happens next. Soon I'll happily get another job opportunity! And in love maybe I just haven't met him yet? Or I've overlooked him because of circumstances? Embracing the unknown is how I stay happy when things are going wrong. Uncertainty allows my heart chakra to remain open and embrace all people with love & light. So, Hopefully you, like my friends, can sort out your feelings.

Here's one about embracing uncertainty...

Do you embrace your feelings or the uncertainty? 

Kisses, m.

(July 24, 2011)

“Open… The door. ”
“The door’s opening. Just swinging real slow.”
“I see. It must be the wind. Would you like me to close it?”
“Nah. You ever hear about open doors?”
“Can’t say that I have.”
“It’s a shame. There’s so much an open door can tell you.”
“Really. Can you tell me a little?”
“I’ll do more than tell you a little. It’s not so much that there’s a lot to say but there’s more than a little.”
“Alright. I’ve never heard it said that way before but I know what you mean.”
“Alright, kid. Now an open door may seem like a coincidence or a man’s lazy tail needed to be yanked up but that don’t mean it’s not a good sign just the same. An open door is like an invitation to step on through. Embrace whatever rests beyond that threshold. Whether it’s daylight, nightlight or a bit of rain, the door being open means that you ought to take a chance and step through.”
“Wait. I don’t understand. I just got here and I want to sit down before I leave again.”
“Hush, child. That’s not what I’m saying. The door is telling you about an opportunity to take in. When the time is right, you’ll know it. It will call you tell you that it’s been too long.”
“I don’t know. Why did it swing so slow?”
“Ah child, the uncertainty is your fear and the swing… The swing of the door is calling you to arms. Some folks tell me that slow is sneaking in unexpected. While a rush of a door is sending you the sign that the unknown is prompting you to act. It should feel like an impulse in your skin to be sure. So child…”
“It’s wide open.”

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