Thursday, September 11, 2014


Smoke... A little about it? The series is written from multi-characters and it has a different structure than my previous work. And yes, this time I did not immerse myself in the process of creating characters. Typically developing characters beyond who I am... well I become them. So I didn't. The pieces are written in micro style and poetry. I'm not sure how it will be received except so far the reception has been positive. Only I do have to say to my favorite smokers... It is not a dark book or personal at all. There are lighter pieces instead of only dark. Yet I've mostly only given you the darkness. Here is another light one that is a 400 written from a male perspective. My apologies! Love & light! Be well! 

Kisses, m.


She's open.
Wide open. 

I'm closed.
Closed off. 
Hands tight. 
Neck tight. 
Chest tight.
Head pounding.
Mind closed.
Slammed shut. 

This time when I get home she wants it.
A piece of me. 
I can't even think straight when I see her.
Her lips spread part with a sigh of anticipation.
Quivering she lifts her lips out of a pout.

Long slender fingers wrapped around an old cigarette of mine. 
She doesn't smoke but it reminds her of how I taste.
Lips remain slightly parted as she slinks up out of the chair and over without her robe. 
Stupid man that I am, I've wasted the day actually thinking about work. 
All day she's been thinking about me. 

A slight shift in her hip against mine tells me I need to kiss her.
Tells me I need to kiss that sweet mouth back 
Movements remind me to slide my hands across her ass. 
I want to do more than kiss and touch her but my mind wants to spin. 
It's ahead of me. 
I'm already reclining in the chair with her hands on my belt. 
Smoking on my cheap cigarettes while she works on my waistline. 
Thinking of work. 

Quickly she pulls on my belt bringing me back to the present. 
Naked and blowing smoke in my face
She decides she can't wait any longer. 
Hot kiss quenches my parched mouth. 
Instinctively I grab her legs and pull her up closer.
Hot and smooth I can feel her skin vibrate beneath my touch.

Releasing my kiss she takes command. 
Dropping the smokes and putting them out with a shift of her heel she proceeds to
Take me by the hands.
She leads and pulls. 
No words are exchanged as she does what she wants with me.
I’m enjoying letting go.
Opening up to her.
I let her take over removing my shirt and pants gently. 
Rubbing my neck and back she massages away the pain. 
She desires my pleasure in this moment.
Precious creature isn't worried about getting anything in return.
Her mouth slinks downward and against my neckline. 

Her fingers reach up as she kisses my face.
Her breathing sounds are stimulating.
She continues to heal my wounded body with her movements.
Their gentleness guides me toward the chair.
Without saying a word she presses me downward into my favorite position and says... 


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