Sunday, September 21, 2014

Don't Fall

Real friends catch you when you need them to... Some friends aren't real because they promise to catch you but then let you fall. And other real friends know when to let you go cause you're ready to soar and catch yourself. There's nothing wrong with being able catch yourself without anyone.

Hopefully you at least have one real friend who would catch you and let you go when you're ready. And hopefully you don't have a fake friend to hold you back or put you in a position to rely on real friends to catch you before you fall. 

Here's another from SMOKE!

Kisses, m.


They all fall down. 
Over and over again. 
The silly dames keep it up. 
Toss. Release. Catch.

I take a long drag off my death stick
While watching the acrobats drop and catch. 
It's a pack of Marilyn Monroe or Jane Mansfield impersonators.
These gals look more like quarterbacks in a skirt than Norma Jean 

“Sometimes they fall,” he says.
“Twice.” I tell him and offer him a smoke.
“Never touched the stuff” he waves me away. 
“Well I hear you got a favor to ask me...” I hint at my need for the job.
“Babe Bixby,” he starts, “she's been working afternoons as a spotter.  Now she's MIA.” 

Two men toss Jane and Marilyn again and the doll lets her hit the ground. 
Wide open arms look convincing on your real friend until they don't catch you.

“So what's my angle?” I puff a big cloud of smoke at him.
“Harlan, she's got a sister that's living in suburbia. Talk to her. Name's Angela Reynolds.”
“I got a sister up there. She wouldn't rat me out for nothing. What makes you so sure?” 
“I'm not. Just hoping you can get the bird to sing. Find out where Babe is.”
“What's the trouble, Mac?”

Dropped like a brick.
Marilyn just hit the pavement hard. 
This makes Jane a pretty lousy friend.

“Babe is a ringer for her sister. They're twins. Identical.”
“Mac,” I say slowly and I'm interrupted. 

I'm looking at Marilyn get off the ground & start fighting with Jane. While the two young men tossing them try to break things up I finish my question, “Mac, got a pretty picture?”

When he hands it over, I realize I'm looking for a dame that matches the two fighting across the way. 

One gal breaks away from the other only to...


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