Monday, August 18, 2014

Loft for a Bachelor by Papos Design Studio

Barbie has embraces her bachelorette lifestyle for the moment and knows that someday, sooner or later, there's only going to be one fellow that gets the title of being her beau. But she still has great adoration and appreciation for her Favorite Kens and enjoys spending time with them for a bit of fun. There's nothing wrong with having fun with a great partner in crime between romances or maybe getting involved with one of your favorite crime pals for company or... There's no harm in fun. Barbie knows that each Ken is a unique fellow, they are all amazing and deserve the respect of living in a gorgeous Bachelor pad of their own. 

Loft for a Bachelor by Papos Design Studio 

“The interior designer G. Papos undertook to convert a former craft room in a residential loft for a busy bachelor client. The key element to emerged in the decoration of this loft, was the youthful and lighthearted playful pop aesthetic without altering the industrial characteristics of the building. In addition to standard TV, a projector was placed on the roof of the living room for movies. The furniture around the TV set  indicates the owner's love for cinema and designed by G. Papos specifically for this.

In the space between the dining and living room has formed a playroom where some clasic and retro games have been placed, thus giving a vintage mood. The standard dining table has been replaced by a Poker table which apart from the entertainment is serving and dining needs. The furniture of the bar is also a creation of a G. Papos and gives a special touch of baroque.”

Would you like your favorite bachelor or Ken living in this loft?

Barbie totally would!
Kisses, m.

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