Tuesday, August 26, 2014


There's nothing provocative about a child smoking or pretending to be a seductive adult... Ask any father if that's what he wants for his daughter. Especially when it's nothing new. It's really a sad reminder that times haven't changed and neither have people.

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Kisses, m.


Smell of smoke.
Hint of red.
Taste of cherry
Words that are misled.

She's younger than you.
Smaller and weaker you think.
Looks can deceive.
Smarter and more cunning than sweet.

Innocence lost.

Too soon to be grown 
Too old to be ignorant.
A Harlot in a school girls dress.
She's a Vixen in youth.
A threat with cigarettes.
A puff of smoke releases toward her intended.
Coyly she smiles and licks her lips clean of the smoke.

Pursuing a married man she should forget.
She holds her cigarette far too maturely.
As she stares emptily he realizes their difference in age.

More than half his age.
A woman wouldn't stare at him the same.
He's merely ...

A conquest. 
A trophy. 
A notch.

He's just another game to this cunning creature. 
A daddy for the taking.
A sucker instead of a winner.
Ready for the sacrificing.

Another puff of smoke graces the air. Her older sisters cheer on.
Pressing and pushing the smaller one to act.
Promiscuity in training wearing her pigtails too loose.
It's more sad than provocative.
A pity she can't feel his disgust.
Sexy can't even describe her innocent frame.
Placid and smooth are her full eyes.
Tiny and frail arms that empty into small legs.

He watches and wonders if he'll get caught for returning her curious glimpse.
Less intrigued by the young unprovocative child.
He feels concern for her life.
The thought of Lolita sliding on a man's lap presses his mind to change.
To quickly look away.
Empathize a deep sorrow for the child and her lack of self love.
Turning away he finds a pair familiar eyes.
Welcome the reminder that his wife is still there. 

Smell of smoke breezes out of sight as the child looses her mark for the night.

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