Friday, July 18, 2014

Villa Amanzi by Original Vision

Make no mistake Barbie knows an eye catching sight when she sees one & how much attention her favorite eye catching Ken craves... Honestly it amazes her how modest & humble he is at times because he shines brightest when he's not trying! Where else should a vision live than in an eye catching house?

Villa Amanzi by Original Vision

“Nestled in a cascading, west facing ravine with a dramatic slab of rock defining the northern edge and a stunning outlook over the azure blue of the Andaman Sea to the south, our commission; to do this demanding but ultimately spectacular site justice, was both daunting and exciting.

The defining elements are the rock and the view. They dominate at every juncture. They resonate on first approach, through the migration from public to private space, in the living and in the family areas, in the gardens, in the bedrooms; and they continue to command respect down the tropical jungle steps that arrive at a secluded rock platform, flanked by the same seam that welcomed you 60m above. Constant reference to these elements instills a feeling of solidity that contrasts with the openness of the house, reinforcing the dynamism and vibrancy that pays homage to the magic of the location.”

-arch daily

Would you live in this eye catching Villa?

Barbie thinks so!
Kisses, m.

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