Monday, July 21, 2014

House M by Estudio Aire

Barbie is a spiritual gal so she knows that all things happen for a reason. Sometimes people change or leave our lives in various ways. They may pass, they fall in love with someone else or they may simply choose to walk away. She knows that whatever may happen you accept it in order to move ahead. This doll loves to see people grow towards better versions of themselves and the lovers... Well she adores them. Other people's happiness is important too and she couldn't bear anyone in love any ill will. Barbie couldn't be jealous if she tried when it comes to love & living cause she wouldn't know how. Heartbreak & disappointment hurt but being jealous only wounds the envious person. It doesn't mean you care less if you aren't jealous. It means you are mature enough to accept not getting your way. It may be bittersweet for us to accept that people come & go, but remember it is always sweet to see the people in our lives happy. Including yourself. Be happy.

While she's has gotten her heart broken her fair share and continues to, Barbie still is happy, has hope & wants love someday...  Why? Why not! She's has a beautiful dream house to look forward to sharing someday and in the meantime some of her favorite Kens & Dolls to keep her company!

House M by Estudio Aire

A straightforward rectangular base structure. The plan develops private activities inside of the lower containers, bedrooms and baths are grouped in the increased quantity and kitchen area, laundry and storage in two scaled-down types. Community house actions are bounded by the offset that makes the ceiling and a huge glass wall of distinct opacities (clear towards the again of the good deal and translucent sideways).

Would you enjoy your friends company in this Dreamhouse? 

Barbie would! And hopes you would too!

Kisses, m.

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