Sunday, July 6, 2014

House In Two Parts by assemblageSTUDIO

Barbie loves that the best things in life are fabulously classy, simply chic and thoroughly enjoyable! There's nothing wrong with getting fabulously classy for a deal. It's elegant to be frugal. Needless to say this doll loves when you get two things for one! Especially when it's a Dreamhouse furnished with the life you need. 

House In Two Parts by assemblageSTUDIO

The residence lies at the foothills of the Redrock Mountains within a master planned community in southwest Las Vegas. The design departs from the traditional U-shaped desert courtyard home by dividing the home into two components linked through a common elevated breezeway. Each component works as an individual home and/or in conjunction for extended family living.” (via/Archdaily)

Would you love a house in two parts?

Barbie thinks so.
Kisses, m.

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