Tuesday, July 22, 2014

C'est la vie

Sometimes you're hit by Cupid when it's too late to do anything about it. Which sucks but that's how its meant to be or it would be different. You will get hit again. We all do. It's unusual what makes your heart go thump thump thump. And fuck if you didn't see the heartbreak coming. You should've but you didn't. Yeah youre left thinking “what just happened” & “how did I miss those feelings”  without so much as a chance to do a thing about them. If you can then do something while you can, if you can not change things then let the other person go. Cardinal rule of love: do no harm. live and let love. C'est la vie!

Love & feelings are a tricky thing but make no mistake they are worth embracing. Now Barbie loves to see the love... And she enjoys to see her favorite Dolls and Kens embrace others in love affairs, yep even when she's falling out of love. There's nothing better you can imagine than being in love with someone who loves you back. Even if it's just for a minute. And I suppose this doll is hasn't really been alone... There's nothing unkinder than denying someone their ego & pride. I guess lack of a relationship with someone is a relationship if they occupied your time for a while and then left you feeling love or something for them. Crazy thought. Hush. You can't change people, their actions & feelings or what has been but only move forward. Hopefully people forgive you for loving or rather caring about them or they won't.  There's nothing wrong with caring for someone? I can't imagine caring to be that bad of an offense. 

Here's a story about getting hit by love. 
kisses, m. 


What is it honey? Tell me about it then. Love. What about? It hits you that’s for sure. Knocks the wind out of you if you’re not careful.

 Let me tell you… Falling is the easy part. The jumping is the tricky part. Most people won’t get close enough to the edge before backing out. How does it happen?

Well you meet someone and you find yourself getting to know each other. All too well. That’s always fun. Soon enough you can‘t stand to be apart and you start telling yourself: It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. And somehow you know you’re in too deep.

At that moment of depth you know you’ve been seduced by their charm.  The feeling you get when they’re around is overwhelming happy. There is no one else you’d rather be with. You still wonder if it was supposed to be different. Wasn’t it?

Your defenses are down. You are completely caught off guard. But that is love. And then there’s no other way it could have been. It happened when you weren’t looking. A wall you can’t get around, over, or crawl under.

Before too long comes the realization: I’m hit. This person’s love has wounded me. I’m not the same as I was.

No way it’s all a big accident and fooling is no longer an option. When you look in the mirror you know by your own reflection that it’s growing inside. Love. An emotion that can not be caged is bigger, louder and completely taking you by surprise. Standing face to face with the inevitable and its more than you care to think about.  You’re consumed with the hope that they are feeling the same.

How do you know?  My dear, you don’t. Have to believe they’re hit just like you.

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