Saturday, June 28, 2014


One of my favorite operatic pieces is Tosca. It's amazing that I don't often discuss this with others. I find that people view certain music, art and culture to be off-putting. Oddly enough Opera is one of those genres. I tend to find myself drawn to those things that might put others off. It's been about six months since I took in the theater or opera but I find that it's something, much like art, best enjoyed in person. I don't disagree much with others about these things as people can be passionate about their dislikes and likes. How passionate? Pretty serious business. 

Well how do you deal with people you don't like... Cut out their tongue? I used to think that was a great way. Not so much nowadays. In Buddhism there is a believe that when you hurt someone you are only hurting yourself. The cruelty and meanness is about you. Not the other person. Really? Yes. Try to think of it this way... Would you like to have your tongue cut out for the words you said? Exactly. So when you decide to harm someone realize you are only harming yourself with the things you might do or say. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and desires... and reactions.

What do you think of this picture? Do you enjoy this type of photography? Maybe you don't. That's ok. I do and someday I want to own one by this artist. Maybe I won't? Maybe I will? It's just art... nothing to get upset up about or eat your words over. Now if you don't like Tosca... that might be different story. I'm kidding. ;)

tyler shields - scissors w/ kathy griffin

Here's an old story about losing one's temper over someone's words. I used to have a temper. This doll isn't perfect and a lot of my darkness went into my work. I wasn't the nicest of people and very off-putting a while back. My older pieces reflect this anger and frustration. These days I'm trying to improve myself and treat others better everyday. Kindness and humility are of the few qualities this doll finds attractive in others and embraces it herself. 

Kisses, m.

The Storm Rages Within.


The storm rages within. I can’t quite believe my actions. My eyes deceive me as the bloody fragment of speech lays in the capable grasp of my left hand and the razor sharp blade in the death-like grip of my right. I’m dealing out my own brand of justice this evening and it’s quite satisfying. His eyes are bloodshot and streaming uncontrollably with saline. The noises that escape his throat are deep and muddled. He’s drowning in his own blood. Serve him right. Speech is a miracle given to man as a tool to utilize to his best abilities. Not to be misused for inappropriate candor. How often do we choose the wrong words? Often. Too often are the wrong words used to convey messages. The television and radio are poor examples of proper etiquette. Sometimes I think that is why people lack the proper manners and discipline.

“Cat got your tongue?” I laugh methodically as I’m sharpening the blade. I gagged him and he’s tied down to the pool table in the back of the bar. “You’re wondering how this is possible,” I boast, “how not one person is coming back here to see what’s happening. Right? See, the guy that owns this place, well he don’t like what you did to his little sister last week and I just don’t like your mouth. So we’re going to fix that problem.”

Who am I to be judge and juror? Well, quite simply put… I’m the victim. A woman, who’s refused to be someone’s kicking post any longer. So I’m cutting out his tongue for talking to me in the most offensive way. This will teach you some manners. What did he think that I was some cheap trifling whore who would think such filth to be flattering? Of course, I’m a moronic slut with the IQ of a peanut that jumps at such ample opportunities. Obviously as dim-witted as some of these types of women are, they don’t deserve to be treated that way. I’m teaching this bastard a lesson, since he can’t discipline himself. What do you do a dog that has no self control? Castrate him. This is my humane form of castration for this asshole and you know what, I think I’m being quite reasonable.

It’s a funny thing the mouth, the gateway to your digestive tract, home to a host of bacteria and disease. In fact some animals have cleaner saliva than humans. The tongue nestled right in the middle of your jaw. It’s just sitting there with impending speech on the cusp of execution waiting on the brain to process the right synapse to bring life into words. I’ve fashioned an interesting brace to hold open his jaw. It’s quite a ghastly device that even a dentist wouldn’t envy. Reach in and pull out the squirming creature. Slice in tenderly. My sharp knife makes quick of this unpleasantness. To hear the sounds of anguish escaping his open cavity doesn’t deter me. I can only see the end result: his never-ending silence. The knife tears and pulls at the soft tissue. Red pools around the hole before me, begins spill down his throat and out on his face. Completion. He has no choice but to swallow the blood. There is true justice: Swallowing your own words.

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