Wednesday, June 11, 2014

North Bend House by Johnston Architects

Barbie loves seeing all her favorite Kens take charge of their lives and circumstances by bending things to their will... Especially when it bends her to take another look as they take command. Nothing quite like a man who goes after what he wants. Barbie loves seeing all Kens succeed! Especially her favorites! Kisses!

Here's a lovely home by Johnston Architects! 

North Bend House by Johnston Architects

This house was built on site with many materials found, milled and crafted on the site. Blow-down trees from storms provided the logs that were milled into siding, fascias and trim. Large firs and cedars were felled, cured and processed to provide beams and some framing materials. A ground source heat pump supplemented by solar water preheating supplies energy to the house. To this, recycled materials, FSC certified materials, grey water recycling and other strategies are the basis of the soon to be achieved status of this house.” (via/

Would you stay a spell living here? 

Barbie would!

Kisses, m.

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