Monday, June 23, 2014


Ok so there's something to this Mercury in Retrograde business June 7th-July 2nd...

I broke one of my new camera lenses (shouldn't have bought during retrograde), everyone's gone crazy (you too? omg! me too!), found/possibly caused 3 bizarre disagreements about nothing with 3 different people, & travel plans shifted a smidge. 

Insult to injury... It feels like my karmic shit is wrecked, I'm everyone's emotional ex, got no game, half my brain is missing and I'm struggling to interact, walk & talk. I'm slowly losing interest in interactions due to my inability to convey clear thoughts to others which makes conversations then feel awful since they all go in the wrong direction or are taken badly. 

Good news though... Finished up old work, spotted then said hello/goodbye to old friends/lovers and all the setbacks are giving me the chance to slow down, go with the flow & let mercury nudge me in an unusual direction. You can't put life on hold! And since this BS is almost over hang in there people! 



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