Tuesday, June 10, 2014

By Your Side

Enlightenment is knowing & manifesting your true self constantly and maintaining that 'identity' through your experience. I am not enlightened. Not even the most disciplined Zen master will claim to be enlightened. Why? We are human. Fallible. And with that said I'll digress...

An dear old friend of mine is sometimes insensitive with their actions to me and our other mutual friends at times. I wish they were more accountable for themselves instead of accepting the role of an unreliable person due to their choices. Our feelings among the group do hurt and it upsets me to see discord among my friends. But I weigh my compassion for this person since we've known each other for years, often seeking council from within on how to proceed. It behooves me to do something but to inflict pain in return would not remedy matters. Needless to say I will address the problem again and again in a manner that is respectful & refrain from nagging or reacting. 

There's no reason to distance ourselves from others, cause them pain or ignore them, we can simply tell people when they are insensitive or what we need from them instead of being awful to them. 

The people who care will stay by your side & forgive you... If you make an effort.  And if you're lucky like my dear old friend, the rest of your friends will still remain by your side. Why? We are fallible. Human. Un enlightened.

Here's a 300... 

Time after time. Crime after crime. It’s not really the same thing over and over again. Your mind only perceives that it is. It’s different each and every time. Every day is different. The sun rises and sets differently.  

Realize you’re never back at the beginning unless you want to be. Life doesn’t reset like a video game. You best do it the way you want instead of worrying about the right and wrong of what others think. 

Kisses. m.


Are we back here again?
He tells me that we are and that I’m supposed to know why.
I can’t see what he sees and I don’t know why
Or how we ended up here…

It doesn’t matter why.
Or how.
Or who did it.
It only matters that we’re here.
And we shouldn’t be.

There’s a thousand reasons to see things the way they were.
And one reason to see things different.
I want to see it differently.
And I wonder if he doesn’t want the same thing.
We’ve tried and failed at seeing it from each others eyes.
It’s time for us to see it the same way.

He’s busy working against me when he throws a fist at the wall.
It’s not me he’s mad at.
It’s the situation.
But that won’t stop him from feeling that anger.
That anger is fear.
And the fear is what takes us back to the start.

When he says it’s me that brings us back to the start I know that’s not true.
There is no start or end in this.
It’s nothing like a circle.
There is no center.
There is only the outside like a wall.
And what’s left inside is…

It’s always back to where we started when it should be where we are going.
The future is constantly changing with every move that we make.
Even when we keep starting we’re changing everything.
So why aren’t we moving forward now?
I’m ready to keep moving ahead toward what comes next.
And all he wants to do is start over again.
Again and again.

There’s no way we can win the race if it continues to restart.
No coming back to here.
Time to forget why or how.
It’s time to win the race…

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